Feng Shui Money Tips for your Apartment

Rich house

FOur home is a living, breathing organism, says Feng Shui. He may be in harmony with his masters, or may not be friends with them. Our housing has plots of space, each of which is responsible for the well-being of a particular sphere of life of the owner. When something goes wrong, it is possible that some sector in the apartment is incorrectly designed and deactivated. This also applies to money.

Today we will talk about the zone of wealth, for we understand that in the context of the global crisis, this sector is more relevant than ever.

What is the Feng Shui wealth sector?

Feng shui wealth

The wealth sector, or in another way, the Feng Shui money zone is responsible for financial well-being in human life. This miracle zone is located in the SOUTHEAST part of the room. The compass will help you most accurately.

The Feng Shui money zone in the apartment requires cleanliness. Free this place from excess rubbish, unnecessary things. Moreover, there should not be any debris, dust and dirt. Now we need to get rid of such items that can not only inhibit monetary activity, but also destroy it.

There are various factors that influence monetary well-being, such as the front door, but 5 sectors are extremely important for monetary health at home.

Main zone of money

Southeast wealth sector

This sector is most often associated with the accumulation of wealth than with salaries or bonuses received from work, for example. Accumulation of wealth means savings accounts, return on investment, but not salary. If your bedroom or dining room or front door, bedroom or office door is in the southeast, consider yourself lucky!

Secondary wealth sectors

North / career zone

Problems in this area lead to problems at work, and, in particular, to the problem of making money. Difficulties arising from problems in this area: stagnation in income and business, you cannot find a job. Salaries are the same and you cannot increase your income.

Impacts on this area include annual (flying stars), bath / WC, fireplace (fireplace), laundry, trees, plants, large tree or kitchen. You can activate the zone with the help of a moving metal to get energy that helps to earn more money.

Northwest / Zone of assistants, sponsors, patriarch and providence sector

This is an extremely important sector in Feng Shui. This is the ultimate “yang” sector. He represents the man or patriarch (head of the family). This sector also represents the heavenly energy of providence, which comes from people to help us. This is one of the most critical areas of Feng Shui. When this sector is positive, you get helpers, support from influential, knowledgeable and monetary people.

Southwest / Woman, matriarch, marriage, “indirect” spirit

This is the second most important sector in Feng Shui after the northwest corner. Because it represents the “yin” energy of the house. Remember, everything comes from nothing. The house must have people within itself and the energy of love and relationships. This sector is also important if a woman is in business and career.

Center / heavenly palace of the heart, health, wealth, relationships

This sector is the heart and foundation of the house. Impacts on this sector manifest as health problems, relationships and money. Everything suffers if the center is exposed to harmful influences. Everyone who lives in such a house suffers from these problems. This is the third zone to be protected. If in this sector there is a living room, bedroom or dining room – this gives the most favorable effect.

Tips for raising money at home:

  1. The bin or any other collection point should be as far away as possible from the work area and from the wealth zone. In general, there should not be garbage in the room – it extremely negatively affects the circulation of energy;
  2. Money tree is an effective magnet for wealth. However, it should be located strictly in the southeast of the living room or main room, if you live in a one-room apartment;
  3. Ventilate the apartment more often. This will help to get rid of stagnation of energy and improve its circulation. It acts in all areas of life;
  4. If you pay a loan, then get yourself a folder in which you will add receipts for payment. One caveat – it should be red;
  5. Piggy banks, if you use them, should be located in the southeastern part of the apartment, be red, and have an inscription on what exactly you are collecting money;
  6. In the north corner of the apartment put a statuette of a turtle. If there is no angle, then place this talisman in the northern part, separately from all other elements;
  7. In the apartment in no case should there be leaking pipes and taps, and the toilet should always be kept closed.

How to attract wealth beyond the borders of your home?

Money amulet

Being away from home, the center of your financial well-being, luck will not cease to accompany you. The only condition is to carry a small portable money amulet with you.

There is one important thing regarding the question of how to use money amulet. it can never be passed into the wrong hands. For all requests to see or touch the talisman, answer with a categorical “no.” The fact is that magical power can leave the talisman when interacting with another person. In addition, of course, do not forget to communicate with your amulet. In difficult moments of life, hold the magic item in your hands, long and persistently asking for his help.