a listing of paxil suicide related news

Paxil Suicide in the News

Drug industry reaches a whole new level of ghostwriting - drug maker wrote book under two doctors' names, documents say - read more

June 20, 2014
"Quasi-Experimental" Study Data Does Not Support Conclusion that FDA Warnings May Have Led to More Suicide Attempts

May 28, 2014
Widow Blames Weak Warning Label on Generic Paxil for Husband's Suicide

March 8, 2012
60 Minutes Report: Antidepressants -- The Emperor Has No Clothes

October 2, 2008
Federal Judge Rules Against GSK and Allows Teenage Paxil Suicide Case to Go to Trial

October 1, 2008
Judge Approves $40 Million Settlement in Second Phase of National Pediatric
Paxil Class Action - Insurance Companies to be Reimbursed

September 3, 2008
Baum, Hedlund, Aristei & Goldman Achieves Third Preemption Win This Year
on Behalf of Their Clients in a Paxil Suicide Case

July 19, 2008
Federal Judge Reverses Preemption Ruling in Indiana Paxil Suicide Case

May 12, 2008
Baum Hedlund Wins Key Preemption Ruling in Collins Paxil Suicide Case

April 26, 2007
Judge Approves Final Terms of Improved National Pediatric Paxil Class Action Settlement
Consumers Get a Better Deal

February 2007
Baum Hedlund's Response Concerning CDC’s Analysis
Increase in Child / Adolescent Suicides From 2003 to 2004

March 23, 2006
National Class Action Filed Against Drug-Maker For Paxil-induced Suicides in Youths